Urban areas

Urban areas

Visimind provides services in urban areas for documentation. Our solutions are used in the process of urban development planning, the inventory of buildings and objects of historical interest. The data can also serve as a contribution to the creation of noise maps.

Information about the land surface is derived from a moving vehicle, helicopter or airplane, using digital cameras team and laser scanner. Detailed illustration of facades of buildings, streets and green areas are collected from the deck of the car. In the case of air based operation photogrammetric base material is produced in three-dimensional numerical models, orthophotomaps of cities and their environment, digital mapping, and acoustic altitude, and assumptions used for purposes of planning the deployment of the GSM infrastructure transmitters.

Visimind company boasts an inventory of the old city of Istanbul, including the facades of buildings 48 000 400 km along the city streets. Laser scanning and digital photographs were taken from the deck of a car with a navigation system to allow the location of objects in a coherent system of geographical coordinates. Based on the obtained prosessed data, accurate 3D documentation of the Islamic architectural monuments was developed. Through integration of photogrammetry and laser scanning, it was possible to cover the 3D model with natural colors from these images. Visimind’s project by using this method, was implemented in a record speed of 6 months time.

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